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Take control of the packaging-specification management and approval tasks by eliminating manual and redundant processes. USPEC™ is a cloud-based packaging-specification management and approval module that enables collection, history and standardized supplier participation.

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“USPEC to me is a very useful tool to standardize your packaging requirements throughout your organization and each of your suppliers. What is nice about the application is the ability for multiple languages to use the application. You can have people in different countries communicate through the application as it translates into the persons native language when logging in.”

CJ Lord

IT Project Manager

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Controlled Approval Process

Less Time Managing the Process & Determining Status

Work with Internal Stakeholders & Suppliers Seamlessly

USPEC Provides

  • • Uniformed & and controlled process
  • • Workflow management
  • • Validated Data
  • • Cohesive collaboration and approval
  • • Complete packaging plan
  • • Online database tracking changes
  • • Intuitive user interface
  • • ERP integration

Take Control of the Packaging Specification Process

USPEC™ is a cloud-based web application that enables collection and approval
processing of the broad array of packaging information that is important to
today’s highly functional manufacturers.

By offering directed flows of activities, manufacturers can quickly illustrate
their packaging information expectations to their affiliate suppliers.

Through efficient data management and clean user interfaces, suppliers are
able to quickly produce packaging data submissions that have higher levels of
content and value.

Universal Supplier Packaging Entry Centre

  • The application is turnkey and able to be made available to both internal stakeholders and suppliers within your network seamlessly.
  • USPEC™ completely manages the workflow process from the creation of a new program, to approved packaging plans.
  • A complete history of the packaging plan creation process along with approved plans live online and are always available for access.
  • Packaging specifications can then be sent out for bid effectively once all parties have approved the design/prototypes.

Manufacturer-facing Features

  • Automated Receipt and Form Approval Routing
  • Clean and Consistent Form Status Functionality
  • Query Tools to Enable Cross Corporation Benchmarking
  • Reporting Tools to Enable Plant/Program Grouping
  • Multiple Approval Paths Capabilities
  • Part Data Integration with ERP Systems
  • Revision Controls and Management
  • End-User Form Customization
  • Rules-Based Functioning (Example: Prohibiting Overweight Proposals)

Supplier-facing Features

  • System-generated Work Queues
  • Approval Status Tracking
  • Highly Integrated Copy/Paste Functionality
  • Online Access to Standards and Guidelines
  • Repository of Customer-facing Packaging Data Forms

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