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AERIS™ is an impressive research tool and a highly sophisticated tracking device used to monitor the location and environmental conditions of mobile assets (globally).

What could you learn about your supply chain if you had an analytical tool that could help you “see” the status of location and environmental variables during the movement and storage of expensive and sensitive products?

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“The Aeris GPS tracking sensors contain advanced technology to monitor your assets. Connect your Aeris device to any asset and collect position, motion, temperature, humidity and dew point. The collected data is globally transmitted to the Surgere cloud where you can leverage advanced data analytics and visualization tools to gain business insights. Aeris devices work in all environments and weather conditions.”

Michael Curran

Director, IT

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Troubleshoot Problem Areas

Collect Location & Environmental Information

Increase Productivity

This Device is Unique in Two Ways:

  1. It’s hardened to withstand harsh conditions when other devices fail
  2. It monitors environmental conditions such as motion, shock, vibration, humidity, tilt, light, and temperature.

Visibility and Control

  • Less manpower spent on recovering equipment
  • Search, filter and group equipment
  • Edit unit data (including schedules, and ability to add notes and image to equipment in the system)
  • Site alarms, e.g., if the last unit has left a site
  • Lock unit to specific geographical location (geo fence)
  • Higher utilization rate on equipment through awareness of location and status of usage

Workflow Optimization

  • Full history of all equipment flows
  • Full communication log on all levels
  • API for integration to other systems
  • Export to Excel
  • Heat map

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