Autonomous Mobile Robot

ROBi is an AMR — an Autonomous Mobile Robot. But that doesn’t even begin to tell ROBi’s story. ROBi is the first of its kind — an extremely powerful tool for companies that need cycle counts and inventories conducted on a periodic or frequent basis.

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What ROBi Provides

Three RFID antennas for full single pass coverage

Precise path and positioning for consistent and maximum tag discovery

82 degrees of coverage to reach tagged items even on tall shelving

Up to 7.6m (25ft) of read range

Complete integration with the Surgere COS Platform for data visualization

Autonomous charging to ROBi fleets can gather data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Pinpoint Your Inventory Multiple Times Per Day

Lost or misplaced inventory can cost millions of dollars in expedites, re-orders, and write-offs, as well as wasted hours searching for inventory. Physical counts require hours of manual work and are often done very infrequently. Tagging assets with RFID immediately improves inventory tracking, increases accuracy, and saves time.

ROBi seamlessly integrates a long-range, high-speed RFID reader and antennas with an award-winning robot base to provide an autonomous solution for inventory counts and inventory location tracking. With a fleet of ROBi robots, you can increase inventory counts and checks from once a month to multiple times a day, even in the largest warehouses.


Surgere COS Platform

Surgere COS Platform is a cloud-based software platform for deploying, operating, and optimizing autonomous mobile robot (AMR) systems for material-handling and data-collection applications. Manage and monitor entire mixed Surgere ROBi RFID AMR fleets across multiple warehouse and manufacturing environments.


Fastest Time-to-Automation

  • Spin up robot workflows in hours vs. days, weeks or even months
  • Change workflows or add robots instantly
  • No facility or IT infrastructure changes required
  • No WMS or other business system required


Simple to Use, Simple to Manage

  • Intuitive click-and-drag interface
  • Real-time robot monitoring and workflow data
  • Reporting and data insights tools
  • Single pane-of-glass management across different AMRs, maps and facilities


Secure and Reliable

  • Industry-leading uptime and security made possible by the cloud
  • No additional IT hardware to service and support
  • Immediate access to latest updates and features




Better Data

The ROBi RFID solution moves data-gathering equipment steadily and precisely through your warehouse to allow sensors to provide consistent and reliable results. This eliminates human error and missing data from poorly placed, fixed readers.


Faster Data

ROBi operates autonomously and can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Discover inventory shortfalls faster, and locate misplaced items. Warehouses with thousands of square feet can complete full counts multiple times daily.


Cheaper Data

ROBi is a dedicated three-shifts-per-day, cycle count and inventory location resource. Busy warehouse staff no longer need to spend time on urgent hunts for lost material. ROBi tells you where all your tagged assets are. Free people from cycle counts to do higher-value and more interesting work.

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